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Buying or selling your home is often a stressful and tedious decision to consider, but what if it wasn’t?
Your ideal real estate agent listens to you to get an understanding of what makes this step worth it to
you. It’s more than bedrooms and baths, it’s your largest investment, and most importantly, your home!
As a full time Real Estate Agent, Elizabeth Keller is committed to helping you secure the perfect building
to transform into an investment and home; as well as expertly marketing your current property.

Elizabeth’s background includes a degree in Marketing from Texas A&M University which she has applied to numerous roles in marketing and sales over the last 20 years. This past experience has provided her with the skill set that she uses to excel at real estate negotiations, educate home buyers and sellers, and market listings flawlessly. She has always had a passion for real estate, which began while growing up in California dreaming of dream houses, to her own personal and investment purchases throughout North Texas.

Elizabeth is looking forward to helping you move into the next phase of real estate or the first, together.

Elizabeth Keller

(214)945-1970 ext 703

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