Selling Property in North Texas

Incorporating modern, classic, pieces to make a home.

Did you know that The National Association of Realtors® reports that more than 90% of home buyers start their home search online? Social Living has the knowledge and experience to reach these web-savvy buyers!

Full Service Real Estate

Whether you are looking to sell a traditional “newer” home, classic mid-century home, a luxury home, a historic craftsman, starter condo townhome, or maybe a commercial building, investment property, or sprawling green space, it’s critically important to reach your target market as quickly as possible. Equally important is locating those buyers that appreciate your property and its potential as much as you do. Social Living combines the best of traditional and modern-day, web-based marketing initiatives which will result in a sale that maximizes your proceeds thus helping you “Land to Live”.

We are an Independent, boutique real estate firm...

Well-skilled in technology and online marketing of real estate. We offer superior customer service and specialized marketing for a smaller number of clients thus allowing for a larger reach. The hallmark of the boutique firm is a focus on quality over quantity. We measures success by happy customers rather than aggressive sales goals. Customers feel confident that their home is receiving the greatest possible attention and focus and benefit from our collective expertise.

Why Choose Us?

We live and breathe North Texas real estate and have for over 25+ years!  

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