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Cobbel Real Estate Group is pioneering modern land sales throughout North Texas area as our firm continues to grow, adapt and perfect land sales drawing from our 20 years of experience. When you have an asset as valuable as land, it pays to work with an experienced and knowledgable land brokerage firm.  A Cobbel Real Estate Group Agent is a tech-savvy and customer-focused career Realtor committed to exceed the expectations of our clients before, during and after each transaction.

Land aerial

As a company, we provide the tools, technology and demonstrated know-how to help our Clients make their land purchase or sell a reality as quickly and and informative as possible.

We have a passion for providing as much information regarding our listed properties as readily available  – you might say, we LOVE maps:

Info you should expect for us to generate and have readily available:

  • digital interactive location maps that describe the property location, surroundings and amenities;
  • Your own map link that contains the properties your are interested in or have your eye on;
  • digital aerials views of your property so that Buyers get an idea of  its lay-out and features prior to on-site viewing;
  • Topography, surveys, photos, plans, plats (where available);
  • Zoning information, city/county ordinances, permits in place, etc;
  • Tax exemption status