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You deserve, not only, a positive cash flow but also assurance that your property is receiving the proper care and maintenance it deserves in order to preserve your investment. Social Living Real Estate Boutique will take care of all of the details so you can just sit back and relax. Commercial or Residential management services are available. We understand the market trends and strive to get you the best tenants and the highest rent possible. Leave all the details to us!

Here at Social Living Real Estate Boutique we realize that management needs vary from Owner to Owner. Our management experience/portfolio includes Bank OREO accounts to individual ownerships in Residential and Commercial Properties. Please give us a call to discuss your needs, no matter how limited or expansive they may be. Prices/fees and inclusions vary and are determined by the number of properties as well as an Owners needs. Call us to discuss your needs.

We will oversee and report on a monthly basis:

✅Accounts payable✅Accounts receivable✅General ledger
✅Monthly income and expense statements✅Owner 1099 Preparation✅Ensure prompt rental payments are received from Tenants
✅Revenue Enhancement

The successful control and enhancement of your asset is our goal. We work to make your investment grow by:

🤝Maximizing rental income🤝Heading-off possible maintenance problems
🤝Handle lease negotiations🤝Manage Tenant compliance
🤝Manage Tenant complaints and/or requests🤝Tenant Screening
🤝Ensure prompt rental payments are received from Tenants🤝Attracting qualified tenants
🤝Property evaluation🤝Careful tenant screening
🤝All tenant applications🤝Repairs and maintenance supervision
🤝Controlling expenditures🤝Property Supervision

Value of your property and its maintenance requirements are our on-going concern. We will personally handle each necessary procedure including:

☞ Notify existing tenants of change in ownership as well as Property Management contact info.
☞ Post Property Management contact info on all vacant units
☞ Secure all vacant units (change locks, make sure all doors and windows are secure, winterize (if applicable), etc
☞ Contract bidding and evaluation; Scheduling of contracted repairs and improvements; Periodic supervision of work in progress; Final inspection
☞ Routine Internal Property Inspections
☞ 24/7 Maintenance and Emergency Services
☞ Fees

Annual minimum Property Management agreement. Price/fees vary depending on number of properties and services requested.

Properties we currently manage: